Positive Rap Beat

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Lonnie Jones 05/02/2019

Hey mister all around beat man who ever running this organization dropping it beats or whatnot I really appreciate y’all man from everything with Demi man y’all drop some hot funky Loops for me to get some Newfoundland and Labrador my thing with it I really appreciate y’all man just trying to make me my spiritual gospel music gospel rap songs out right after while I’m dropping the beat I right a little bit drop a little bit right a little bit drop little bit I put the Bendy this a long time ago buy bisacodyl being selfish in the me and I apologize for that job but I’m going to send them to drop one of my tracks over there that’s what I’m making an offer which I stand up I love you so take a little bit of here and there and that’s how it seemed but I really appreciate y’all man for real music I love been loving ever since I’ve been calling when we had the album’s 33 is + 1/2 + 4045 that’s how much I love music I’ve been calling around for months old and I used to have my daddy 45 and 33 is and 1/2 scattered all over the living room floor like I was a DJ is looking for what I was going to play next but may I keep up the good work I wish I can get up with y’all man and see what y’all were using cuz I’m doing everything off of my phone I don’t burnt up like four phones on the fifth wheel now what music music music I love it I salute y’all Fallas 100 Trusssssss Dat 4SH0.

Jonathan 05/03/2019

All of your tracks are of professional quality!! I’m lyricist/songwriter. Professional tracks always promotes more creativity. Keep it coming!!


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