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    How To Sell Beats Online


    Selling Beats online has become popular over the years and nowadays almost all music producers and beatmakers have already put out their music for sale or licensing. However, amongst all the different marketplaces, platforms and beat-stores, it may be hard to figure out what’s the best solution for you and your music. I have been selling beats online since 2009 and been on almost every big website, making more than 200 million plays and selling over 18000 licenses to rappers, singers & companies worldwide. Therefore I gained deep understanding and knowledge through the longterm experience of being an online music producer and running my own website and company. To help you out and give you some valuable tipps, I wanted to share this information with you to shine some light on the beat-selling game and make it easier for producers to get sales and make a living off of selling beats online! Now let’s start with the individual platforms and beat-store websites that are available 🙌🏼

    Where can I sell my Beats?

    1. AIRBIT

    Airbit (formerly MyFlashStore) is the oldest provider of instant delivery beat-store systems. It has gained a lot of users back in the days on soundclick and other HTML based websites and profiles where producers could implement their store widgets/players via CSS and HTML and for the first time, have a fully automated store system that instantly sends out the beat files and licenses to the buyer after payment. Of course, in the meantime, things have changed a lot in the online world and Airbit has grown to a full marketplace with its’ own chart system and offers a varitey of additional options. Click HERE to join Airbit as a producer and take advantage of their great beat-store experience and handy tools to sell your beats and music.

    ✅ Customizable & Embeddable Store Players
    ✅ Full Website Integration
    ✅ PayPal & Stripe Integration
    ✅ Sell Soundkits
    ✅ Youtube Content ID
    ✅ Very Easy and Bug-Free Uploading & System
    ✅ Very Fair Subscription Prices
    ⛔️ Not many Buyers on their Marketplace
    ⛔️ No Publishing


    Beatstars is no doubt the biggest beat-selling platform out there with over 5 million visitors monthly (due to SimilarWeb) and hundreds of thousands of users. Most beat producers got their beats on their platform and make a good income selling beats on their website. Beatstars offers a browsable marketplace, charts system, customizable store widgets that you can implement on your website, a full website integration (Pro-Page) and a marketplace section for buying and selling soundkits like Drum Kits and more. On my opinion, it’s a good thing to post your beats there as it increases chances of your beats getting new sales and their uploading process and store system is very solid. Just the overall platform does have some bugs and errors here and there, while the user experience on Airbit is better. Click HERE to join Beatstars as a producer and start selling and promoting your beats on their marketplace.

    ✅ Customizable & Embeddable Store Players
    ✅ Full Website Integration
    ✅ Sell Soundkits
    ✅ Beatstars Publishing (via Sony Music)
    ✅ Buyers look for Beats on their Marketplace
    ⛔️ Bugs & Errors here and there on their platform
    ⛔️ No Stripe Integration (Credit Card Payments)
    ⛔️ More Expensive Subscription

    Would you like 1:1 help?

    If you need help setting up your beat-store, help with your website or want to get valuable info on marketing and beat-selling secrets, this one is for you! I am now offering you a one on one consultation video-call where you can ask me ANY question and benefit from my longtime knowledge and experience in selling beats online.

    For a fair price of $ 100.00 USD / hour we can get on facetime, skype, whatsapp or teamviewer and work on your career to get you closer to your goals & dreams!

    Let me help you sell more beats!

    Book your spot now 👇

    1:1 Help

    Consultation Video-Call

    $ 100.00 USD / hour

    • Talk to me via Facetime, Whatsapp or Skype
    • Learn how to market your beats effectively
    • Get help setting up your beat-store
    • Get info on how to prepare your files before uploading
    • Learn how to use e-mail marketing
    • Let us improve your website
    • Get valuable insights on sales and marketplaces

    There is too much to list here, basically, I can help you with your first steps as a beatmaker (including tipps and tricks to improve your quality and beats), give you assistance setting up your beat-store, website or profiles and of course help you market your beats on Google, Beatstars, Soundclick, Facebook and Instagram, etc.

    The Studio

    sell beats, How To Sell Your Beats Online

    The Tools

    • Macbook Pro i7 Quad 3,1 GHz / 16 GB Ram
    • RME Fireface UC Interface
    • Genelec 8050 BWM Speakers
    • Mackie Big Knob
    • Logic Pro / FL Studio DAW
    • Universal Audio UAD-2 Quad DSP
    • TC Electronics Mini Series
    • SPL Frontliner / Mindprint En-Voice MK2
    • Neumann TLM 49
    • Behringer X-Touch
    • NI Komplete Kontrol 61 white
    • NI Maschine MK2 white
    • Moog, Roland, Access, Yamaha Synths
    • Line 6 POD HD Preamp
    • Various Plugins (Waves, iZotope, NI, etc.)


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