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    Free beats? That offer sounds too good to be true. But in fact, we offer free tagged versions for all our beats. Browse through our catalog of instrumentals and download hundreds of royalty-free beats. They’re free for non-profitable use! If you want a tag-free beat, please purchase an official license via our store.

    Please understand that free downloads are no free beats! Our instrumental beats are free of charge as tagged versions. You may use these beats for non-profitable/non-commercial use only but can do certain things with the instrumentals, as defined in our Terms & Conditions. By downloading or purchasing you automatically agree to these terms and conditions!

    How To Download Beats

    Search Beat & Click the ↓ Button  (in the player)

    Enter your E-Mail Address and Name. Click “Send”

    Check your E-Mail Inbox for the Download Link!

    Why should I buy a license?


    Although we allow you to free download our rap beats (tagged mp3 versions) and use them for non-profitable purposes, we highly suggest you to purchase an official license via our store.


    Here is why you buy an official license:

    1) Support the Producer!


    As you know, making music is a complex process. First you need the ideas, inspiration and creativity to create music (the art), but you also need to develop certain skills, a sense for sounds and a good mix and a lot more. Not even mentioning all the ten-thousands of dollars that have been invested in equipment, software, sounds, marketing and infrastructure.

    Allrounda Beats offers licenses starting from only $29.90 per beat (standard leasing rights), that already allow you to sell up to 5000 copies, have a music video on YouTube, have unlimited non-profit performances such as live shows and be able to upgrade your existing license to a higher one at a later point.

    We think that’s affordable for someone aiming at a professional career as an artist. With your purchase you support Allrounda Beats and help us create new music and offer you even greater deals.


    2) Be Professional!


    If you are an artist, taking your own music serious and want to be recognized as a professional artist in the industry, using a free tagged beat will instantly make your songs sound amateur. Regardless if you, the rapper or singer, has talent and the quality, it makes a whole difference if you’re using downloaded low quality mp3 beats with tags, or high quality untagged WAV files! Also, music-labels, record companies and distributors don’t like songs over tagged beats. They immediately know that the artist owns no rights to the music and has just downloaded the beats from the internet.


    3) Beats may become unavailable quickly!


    If you create songs over our free demo beats, you will take the risk of not only losing the time invested, but also the risk of a potential financial loss if a beat gets sold exclusively (exclusive rights) in the meantime. In this case, Allrounda Beats will not be allowed to sell you any rights in form of a license to distribute your music.

    This means you have to find a new free beat afterwards, trying to match the exact feel and structure as the original beat, which usually does not work. Imagine your song blows up and you’re not able to sell it! Bummer!


    Download beats for free and start getting creative now!


    As we know the minds of rappers and singers, we understand that having direct and full access to instrumental beats is a Must in order to being able to vibe to the music and getting inspired. That’s why on we offer free download versions to all our beats.

    We specialize in a wide range of royalty-free beats and offer you quality background music for your next project. And if you are looking to buy beats online, you can purchase a non-exclusive or exclusive license to get the untagged versions, fully tracked out with each instrument track included, if you wish to sell your songs and music using our beats. Sell your songs as singles, on albums, mixtapes or video projects. Even music videos or soundtracks for film tv and games are an option.

    On our website, you will find almost any musical category and be able to browse our music by genre, mood, instrument, style and bpm. We are sure you will find exactly the type of instrumental that you are looking for. Start making great music!