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Classic Hip Hop Beat, Beat — SET IT FREE

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NotMikey 02/10/2018

Where are the opening lyrics sampled from?

AlsoNotMikey 03/25/2018

This, please!!

Dan Carter 06/02/2018

Open Up Your Love – The Whispers
I know that you been hurt before
You told me yourself
That you’d never love no more
So you packed up your love and you put away the key
You don’t hold love that you never set it free
Now the time has come for you to try it again babe
Unlock your love, want some company, oh well
Open up your love (love, your love)
I want to come in
I said open up your love, I want to come in, Whoa!
Open up your love, just let me come on in
(Good god almighty!)

I can make you feel better than you felt before
I found a key that’ll unlock your door
Y’all finding love girl, but you waited for so very long
So unlock your love and let me turn you on
Open up your love, I want to come in
Open up your love, I want to come in
Open up your love girl, and let me come on in

(Sexy, sexy, sexy thing) [con’d]
Early in the morning, are you still in bed?
Visions of love we make running through your head
And later late at night, while we’re all alone
I turn my blue light on and I make you moan
Let me hear you moan baby (oh, oh, hiy!)
Yes let me hear you moan for love
Oh girl, oh girl, oh girl, well, your love is all right
Up in the blue town
Ain’t nobody here but me and you baby, in the midnight hour’s fantasy
You been outside too long, oh don’t you worry
I’m gonna take you home
I’m gonna love you there
Little girl, little girl (I gotta love this man)
I’m gonna make love to you baby (you don’t ever have to worry)
I’m gonna make sweet love to you baby, I ain’t going nowhere
Ow, ain’t going nowhere (Got enough love for you and me baby)
Let me bring, let me bring, let me bring you home – come on – come on
Let me open the door and let me come in… [fade]

Justin 09/06/2018

this, is, amazing, dude i can’t stop my head from grooving to this! well done! I need this in my spotify playlist!!!!!

Allrounda 09/09/2018

Thank you very much!

Herlern 11/14/2018

dope beats allrounda

Allrounda 11/15/2018

Thx! 🙏🏼

Wilson 07/31/2019

How to Download beats?

Allrounda 08/01/2019

You may use the tagged free download versions of my beats for non-profitable use only.
Read the terms and conditions on my website for further explanation:

–> Go here to download:


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